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About Us

iDestiny Travel is a boutique travel agency that caters to the varying tastes of the modern day traveller. Irrespective of your travel needs, from travelling to exotic destinations where every detail is taken care of to finding budget flights and accommodation, or anything in between, we work with you to fulfil your exacting requirements. We pride ourselves in delivering personalised travel solutions that suit your needs, not ours; and we do so with consummate professionalism and unparalleled service.

The name iDestiny Travel may be new, for now, but the experience we bring to the table is not! With over 15 years combined experience in travel, customer service and project management, the directorship of iDestiny Travel understands how to deliver world-class travel products and services at highly competitive prices.


Our commitment to providing you with unique products and service is evident in our signature tour packages, ranging from our drive along, four-wheel-drive (off-road) expeditions in exotic overseas locations, where 6 and 7 star accommodation is combined to provide you with an unforgettable off-roading experience, to a life-changing, spiritual journey to the Holy Land.

At iDestiny Travel, we are committed to making your next holiday a memorable one! Just ask us about the infinite possibilities...

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