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Why is it that the site only has a small number of packages?

We are just getting started… and we keep adding new content every day!

What type of tours are on offer?

We tailor travel to your needs. Pure and simple. However, to whet your appetite and show you some of the infinite possibilities, for any given destination, we aim to have a range of packages that cater to those who wish to have a luxury travel experience to those who are more budget or time conscious. Please talk to us about your unique requirements.

Can I make changes to tour itineraries?

It is imperative that you are familiar and happy with the group tour itinerary before you travel as we are unable to make changes to the group tour itineraries at any stage. However, if you are travelling with friends, family or work colleagues, and your personal group size meets our minimum tour group size, we are more than happy to tailor a group itinerary for you.


Alternatively, if you want to experience a group tour itinerary on your own, we can arrange that as well. But if course, the costs would be higher.

Can a group tour be cancelled after I have made a booking?

On rare occasions this is possible. Tours are confirmed based on minimum numbers. If at the time of the booking, the minimum tour group size was reached, but a large group withdraws from the tour after you have made the booking, such that the minimum number is no longer available, the tour may be cancelled. If we are then unable to fill minimum guest numbers before the tour confirmation date, we will refund your deposit in full; or you will be offered the choice of rescheduling your tour.

Can I do part of a group tour?

Yes, you can, but not always! However, we cannot compensate for the portion of the tour which you won’t part-take in. There are, however, some tours where this is also not possible, owing to the remote nature of the tours. Please talk to us about your individual needs.

How many people will be on my tour group?

That really depends on the type of tour you book. An average tour may have 20 to 25 people; some tours will have less (e.g. 10 to 15), other may have more (e.g. over 30). Regardless of the number of guests on tour, our ground agents will make sure everyone is well looked after!

Can I just book the flights with iDestiny Travel and explore countries on my own?

Yes, of course! 

Can I just book the ground tour with iDestiny Travel and purchase airline tickets separately?

Yes, you can. Depending on where you are in the world, purchasing tickets locally may be the cheaper option.

Are children allowed on ALL tours?

Unfortunately, no. There are minimum age requirements on some adventure tours. The age restrictions are in place purely for the safety of the children. If there are age restrictions on a tour, it will be clearly indicated in the tour description.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is strongly recommended for iDestiny Travel customers. In fact, if proof of travel insurance is not available at full payment, we may require customers to sign a document indemnifying iDestiny Travel and in some instances, refuse travel.

Travel insurance is available through iDestiny Travel, though you are not obliged to purchase insurance through us. We just want to make sure you are insured wherever you travel.

What should my travel insurance cover?

In short, it must be a comprehensive policy covering accidental injury, death, medical expenses, repatriation and personal liability. While not compulsory, we also strongly recommend the insurance covers cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects.

How do I organise my Visas?

That really depends on your citizenship status and the country to which you are travelling. In some instances, we can organise Visas on your behalf; tours where this facility is available will be clearly indicated. But there are instances where you will have to organise Visas on your own. We will always guide you through this process.

Where do I find Visa information?

The best place to access up to date Visa information is the local embassy of the country which you intend to visit. Again, we can point you in the right direction.

What happens if I get sick during a tour?

The tour operators are trained to ensure the safety of all travellers. The operators will work with local personnel to provide you with any medical assistance that is necessary; either to help you continue with your journey or return home. The travel insurance will cover the cost of your medical expenses due to sickness or injury. If you opt not to take insurance, you will accept the cost of expenses arising from injury or sickness during travel. We are unable to provide a refund for the portion of the tour you do not undertake due to sickness or injury once the tour has commenced, or after the cancellation date as stated in our Terms and Conditions. 

Do I need to take vaccines before I travel?

That depends on your destination, and your local general practitioner should be your primary consult on this matter.

How should I carry currency?

The best way is to have multiple options; cash, credit/debit cards or travel money cards.


Are the destinations safe to travel? Do they have political unrest?

The short answer is, if we think anyone on the tour (travellers or tour operators) are at risk, the tour will not operate. In general, however, you can find information about the level of travel risk to a particular destination on the   Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) travel advisory website (

Who is responsible for safety of my belongings while I am tour?

You are. The tour operators will do their utmost to help you in this process. But ultimately, it is your responsibility to protect your personal belongings. This is another reason we strongly recommend travel insurance, as neither the tour operator nor iDestiny Travel can take responsibility for the safety of your belongings.

Who is responsible for delays caused by travel delays/costs associated with errors in the booking process?

We take great care in trying to minimise or eliminate errors from the booking process. However, there is always a chance of an issue occurring due to human error. This is also why we ask our clients to check the details we send to them before the booking process is complete. Especially the personal details such as the name as it appears on the passport and travel docuemnt details, such as the passport number, and of course the actual itinerary details. A slight misspelling of your name could put your entire trip in jeopardy. Once we ask you to ensure your information is correct, especially with regards to your personal details, it is incumbent on you to ensure the details are correct.


Why is the deposit non-refundable?

The deposit is non-refundable because once a deposit is made, we immediately start taking steps to book travel, accommodation and tour operators, at which point we (and by extension you) are bound by their (airline, accommodation and travel operator) terms and conditions, which often state the deposits are non-refundable. This is another reason we strongly recommend travel insurance.

Once I pay in full, is it non-refundable? If it is, why is that?

In the case of tours, payment is required in full within 30 days of travel, at which point the entire cost is non-refundable. Once we receive the payment, we proceed to complete your booking with the tour operators and accommodation at which point we are bound by their terms and conditions, which are usually non-refundable. There is also a cost to iDestiny Travel for the efforts made to process your travel until this point. Thus, once paid in full, within 30 days of travel, the total cost of a tour is non-refundable. This is another reason we strongly recommend travel insurance.      

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