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Desert & Camel
Dubai Miracle Garden
Jumeirah Mosque
Dubai Mall (E)
Dubai Creek
Jumeirah Mosque 2
Burj Al Arab 4 (E)
Burj Khalifa
Dubai Old City
Burj Al Arab 2 (E)

Dubai, the largest and most populous city of the United Arab Emirates is also perhaps the most westernised in appearance, particularly when it comes to the its modern metropolis. Don’t let looks fool you though, Dubai has much to offer in terms of cultural experience and unique natural beauty.

Though based on Islamic society and tradition, Dubai’s economy today largely relies on Tourism. So, it is a unique but easy experience for even the most novice traveller. Dubai is currently home to the world’s tallest building, Palm tree Island (manmade Island on the ocean!), fastest roller coaster (as of 20017)… well you get it, they like doing things bigger and better!

All of this isn’t to say that there is nothing for the nature lover either. A camel ride on the sand dunes (or 4x4, if that’s your thing!), breakfast, lunch or dinner on the dunes, perhaps camping of glamping is the best way to experience the desert lifestyle.

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