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Airfare Search Engine

Prior to using our Airfare Search Engine, please read and agree to the following terms and conditions of use:

​- The ‘Airfare Search Engine’ is designed to search for the best possible price for any flight specified by you.

- The ‘engine’ will search both local and international ticketing agents to achieve the lowest price; therefore, in some instances, the price may indicated in US dollars and international transaction fees may apply.


- Should you make a purchase, it will be in accordance with the travel agent and/or airline through with the purchase was made; you are not purchasing the ticket(s) from iDestiny Travel.


- During purchase process you will be redirected to external website; your purchase information is not held with iDestiny Travel.

If you agree, please click the following box and click submit:



If you do not agree, and wish to purchase tickets directly from iDestiny Travel, please select the following tab:

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