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Australia Beaches
Fraser Island
The reef
Native Australians
Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean
Koala (in natural environment)
Kakadu National Park
Ares Rock NT
Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean 2
Kings Canyon

Australia is a land of rugged beauty, with many highlights widely spread throughout this, the sixth largest country in the world. To experience the best of Australia, be prepared to travel; from the ancient landscapes of the Kakadu National park in the Northern Territory to the untouched rain forests of Tasmania in the south, from the Great Barrier Reef to the east of Queensland, through to the arid central regions and the sparsely populated and untouched natural beauty of Western Australia.


And it doesn’t stop there! From the theme parks and world renowned beaches of the Gold Coast to the ski fields of Thredbo, from the scenic drive that is the Great Ocean Road in Victoria to the picturesque tropical Queensland railway journeys, and from Ayers Rock in the heart of the country to the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, the possibilities are truly endless. 


Australia’s wildlife too is truly unique. Almost everyone has heard of the koalas and kangaroos… but then there is a host of other creatures to get acquainted with, from the cutest of quokkas to the deadliest of snakes and crocodiles. So watch out when you swim in those water holes!


Australians are a friendly bunch with a relaxed approach to life. Outdoor and sporting activities are an ingrained part of the culture. Along with a long history of native Aboriginal culture, modern Australia is a truly multicultural society with cuisines and cultures represented from most parts of the world. This is a country that offers much to be enjoyed by all visitors.

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